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If you have spent hours shopping on a web page and adding things into your card.  You didn't plan on finding so many unique items that you did not have budgeted in.

If you have a Paypal account now, then you know how easy it makes paying for things online.  You can also get the Paypal debit card that allows you to spend your PayPal money at storefronts.  

You can apply for Paypal financing which once approved will be available right on your Paypal Debit.  So if you have added items to your shopping cart here at Cindy's Eye of the Moon but find yourself waiting on funds to be deposited for a sale  Why not apply for Paypal Credit and shop now?    It works just like a regular credit card in a store or here at Cindy's Eye of the Moon.  It takes minutes to apply and you know instantly if you are approved.