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7 Knob Candles

Seven knob candles (also known as wishing candles) can be thought of as analogues to knot magic - either building or releasing energy or the intent of the spell or ritual as each knob is burned through. 

7 Knob Speacilty Candle by Cindy's Eye of the Moon

                                    How to do Candle Magic

Candle Magic is one way to set a spell in motion. Did you know that when you blow out the candles on a birthday cake and make a wish, that you are doing an act of Candle Magic? Candle Magic is the art of using a candle with a spell and props in order to achieve your goal.


Candle Magic is used by Wiccans, Pagans and other practitioners associated with spirituality. The first step is to write or locate a spell that fits your needs: Once you decide that you are in need of casting a spell by using Candle Magic, you will need to locate or write a good spell.

If you are not very good at writing a spell you can always search the internet or books to find one that will fit your need. You can reword the spell to satisfy your desires. It is very good practice to write the spell yourself if at all possible. The act of writing the spell in itself charges your spell right from the beginning just by this little extra effort


Locate the color and type of candle you will need for your spell: Candle Magic is based on the meanings of color. Some examples would be Red is for love, Green is for money, Blue is for healing, Black is for banishing and protection, Orange is for success, White is for purification and is also used when you don't have a color that is called for. These are just a quick reference to the use of color Magic. As you learn more about the craft and working with Candle Magic, you will understand that there are many other uses for each color this simple break down of color use in the craft can also be a guideline if you are working with gemstone. You can find these supplies at wicca sites like


There are different types of candles that can be used in Candle Magic. There are female or male image candles, couple candles, inscribed candles, votive, pillar, tapers, and jar candles just to name a few. For the sake of this article we will just be using taper candles the one main thing is to find solid color candles was painted black, but is really a white candle underneath. The best tapers to work with for a quick spell are the 4 hour mini spell candles. I just wanted to touch on the different types.

Prepare your altar area or space where you will be doing the spell: Locate a safe area in your home or outside that has the space you need to lay out your candle and props. Clear the area of any items that are not associated with the spell. If there is a television or radio in this area you will want to make sure that they are turned off. If you have an altar cloth that you can lay out over the work space or altar that will help set the mood for Magic.

Gather all other items that your spell calls for: It is very important to gather all the items that you will need to cast your spell. Some spells are written to involve actions required by the spell caster during the spell. The spell could want you to draw a picture of what you wish for on a piece of paper, or circle the candle with stones. If you forget to gather the stones you would have to leave in the middle of the spell to get that item. When this happens you are breaking the energy that you just started creating. Perpetration is a simple key to helping you have great results in Candle Magic or any Magic you do. The more that you are prepared for the smoother the spell will flow.


Clear the room of all distractions. Now you can start by charging your candle. To charge a candle you can hold it cupped in between your hands. You can also just hold it within one hand, which ever way is more natural to you. Now mediate and imagine the feeling that you will have once you achieve positive results from your spell. Hold the thought as long as you can with out breaking the thought. This is a very important step because now the candle has your strong desire within it. If you are working with anointing oil this would be the time to apply the oil to the candle. Make sure that the oil is applied the correct way depending on the spell. A basic rule for applying the oil would be if you are trying to bring positive change to you, then take the oil and put a drop on your finger. Rub your finger with the oil down the candle towards you. If you are trying to remove something negative then you would do this the opposite way. Some people anoint the candle from top to the middle of the candle. They turn the candle and complete that process till the whole candle has oil on the top of it. After that they will start doing the middle to the bottom portion of the candle. I also know some who practice who do it in my motion, not stopping in the middle. Which way is correct? Well from what Raymond Buckland told me when he came to my store front. "There really is no wrong way in the craft." The craft is so flexible and as long as you harm none, you will be ok. Different followings of the craft, teach different ways to anoint.


Once you have the candle all anointed go ahead and place it in the holder and light it. (Unless the spell gives you another step that was written in just for your spell.) Some spells have you speak a verse prior to the lighting of the candle, or adding another prop such as gemstone. Gemstone can be used by circling a candle with them, or placing one at the base of the candle.