Cindys Eye of the Moon

"Fly in for a Spell"

Spirits of Salem
After the tragic loss of Marilyn and Sydney Bishop's favorite aunts, the two sisters come from separate lives to take ownership of the old estate in Salem, Massachusetts. They find themselves in the middle of a family's desire, after all these years, to rid Salem of those who practice the Craft. Learning along the way, the sisters uncover just how unique and magical their family really is. Not all those who have passed are gone from the home, leaving a wonderful world of spirit communication. While Sydney learns more about her medium skills, Marilyn learns to understand the images in the sacred scrying mirror. This is the first book in a new series. Keeping it simple and real, the story incorporates the authentic use of ritual and spell tools. Join the magical world of learning with these fictional characters and experience some bewitching tricks and treats
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