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Tripod Heavy Duty holds up to 400 lbs

149.95 USD

Heavy Duty Tripod with a weight capacity of 400 lbs and at 70", this Tri-Pod is built to hold food for a crowd! Made in the U.S.A When the tripod is fully extended it measures 48" at the bottom, coming up it's 17" You have more than 25" of course that will change if you lower the tripod. Pictures are of my own tripod. Yours will be new. Mine has also been out in the Erie weather for about 8 years. It has held up very well in the weather. It's easy to adjust, there are little twist knobs on each leg. My biggest problem was getting them even :) my hubby had no problems. You can also hook a grill top to it. I also sell them. They are good for holding the pot. Maybe a perk Coffee pot. Adjustable legs to accommodate uneven surfaces Steel cable and pulley to raise and lower kettle Tri-Pod folds together for easy transport and storage

Delivery: Ships within 1-2 business days