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Witches of Salem - The Veil COMING winter 2020 PRE

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Witches of Salem - The Veil The story continues on. The book pulls from true-life events. The spirits and other parts of the story are all from true experiences that were fitted into the fictional story. The behavior of some characters took shape from my own true-life experiences from my years of being a Pagan business owner. The Spells are my own original work and I can not promise you will have the results the story tells. I can tell you that one of the spells in the book, I just used last night. I tried to keep as much of the magical content truthful from my experiences being within the Wiccan community. The story is fictional so there has to be a bend on some things to make it so good. The 2nd book has adult relationships - Yes, Sex - Not how I like to write and that's what took me so long to release this 2nd book. Violence, Ignorance, and Sex makes this the best book in the series.

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