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Witches of Salem - The Inheritance

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“Witches of Salem” is a new fictional series that has been revised from “Spirits of Salem” This is the first book in the new series "Witches of Salem." Sydney and Amanda Towne are confronted with modern day prosecution as they come face to face with the horrifying feeling of being targeted. The girls learn quickly with the help of some very unique friends. Sydney and Amanda find themselves in a whirl wind of a witchcraft, murder, spirits and love. Their historical family lineage that they inherited it's truth is more then they could have ever imagined but they are pulled in and the more they learn, the more their third eyes become open A fictional story that I tried to allow the true uses of Wiccan / Pagan practices as much as possible. The Spirits are not fiction, their name and details are changed to protect those related. You may find yourself pulled into the story and connected to one of the group. The 2nd book will have Sexual Content, Murder, Witchcraft and so much more. It will be Hot

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