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Black 7-day jar candle

8.95 USD

Black 7-day jar candle In rituals of prayer and candle magic, this Black 7-day jar candle is perhaps best used for your spells and rituals of protection and balance, where it can help to absorb and disperse negative energies. Return to sender, banish negative • Green: You can light this candle to draw money to you. • Pink: You can burn this candle to attract romantic love or reinforce existing love. • Red: Infuse a little passion into a specific area in your life. • White: If you need protection or want to cleanse something in your life, light this candle. • Orange: You can imbue the ability to influence a specific area of your life with this color. • Purple: This is a good color for meditating and seeking enlightenment. • Blue: This color can bring peace and calm to specific areas or situations in your life. • Yellow: Light this candle to aid in studies, a search for wisdom or to find answers to problems.

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