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Coven Size Book of Shadows

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*** COVEN SIZE BOOK OF SHADOWS *** These pages are so large that you have room to draw around your written spells or magical references. Or go into details about the Ceremony or Spells. Maybe even keep track of your results to pass down for generations. The size reminds me of the Large Book of Shadows used in Practical Magic. The gemstones are REAL! This is not a cheap proop!! High quality item. HANDMADE ! These sell out for the Holiday gift giving seasons that start nesr Samhain - Yule I appreciate all orders. I show it with a FREE GIFT! Blessed Be EXTRA LARGE Book of Shadows Leather Embossed Journal B.0S Blank Spell Book ( NO LATCH ONE) Wonderful GIFT FOR THE MAGICAL PERSON ON YOUR gift GIVING list Humongous Leather Embossed Journal , SKETCH BOOK GENUINE GEMSTONES COVEN size Book of Shadows one big place to become a Sacred Tool for any devoted group of the craft, these pages are so big that you can write your spells, document each persons success, decorate page and even add notes years later of your new results EXTRA LARGE Book of Shadows Leather Journal B.0S Coven Size Spell Book Blank Lay out your tape measure. 14 x 22... its a book You will never want to lay down a book this size will have some weight behind it ;0 It is heavy, stunning, beautiful piece of art for documenting your magickal journey be it alone as a solitary or as a Coven Even can be used as a sketchbook for artist. The linen pages create a smooth glide to your pens or pencil Celtic, Wicca, Pagan, Druid, Scrapbook, beauitiful journal artist, scrap bookers or even writers trying to remove the block Just the size alone will have you fall in love with "BOOK" Just opening it . I wanted to keep it. I am sure they will not be around long. Pages are home made Linen pages, which are very similar to our Parchment Paper Paper is smooth writing , your pen simply flows over the pages We ALWAYS ADD SOMETHING FREE AS A THANK YOU GIFT shipping is not refundable if returned for any reason This Beautiful journal is 14 x 22 inches! This beautiful book contains 680 pages of 100% handmade Linen Parchment Paper Great for Artist as a Sketch book with these pages 22 inches tall you could create an amazing book of your artwork item will be shipped with DELIVERY confirmation for an adult signature due to its value This book is AMAZING. It is so big. Beautiful large gemstones down the front Everyone will love it Weighs about 28 pounds

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