Eye of the Moon

"Fly in for a Spell "

Spiritual Journey Bracelet by Eye of the Moon

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29.95 USD

Spiritual Journey Bracelet by Cindy's Eye of the Moon Wiccan Spiritual Journey Charm Bracelet Its hard to explain the magical feeling that flows through your veins, when you finally discover your path. Spell on you, or Triple moon Now that you found the craft there is so much to learn, experience and practice. It's exciting learning about your Spiritual Path and all the uses for items displayed on some altars. This bracelet shows an assortment of Wiccan/ Pagan Charms on a Silver clip closure Bracelet. Many new charms !! Palmistry hand Dip pen , Cat on moon Broom Wand Witch MORTAR, Hat Witch Cauldron Candle holder Athame Tarot card ( check out my new floating charm Necklace tarot cards) Book of shadows Pentacle Triquetra Bell Chalice

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