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Hecate / Hekate Goddess Statue

Price: 69.95 USD
Hecate is the daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria. She is the Greek goddess of magic, sorcery, witchcraft, crossroads, knowledge, and necromancy. Hand Painted Resin 5 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 10 1/2"

Baphomet Statue - Statement 3 ft

Price: 774.95 USD
Baphomet Statue - Statement approx 3 ft tall and 34 pounds !! Because of the cost , size and weight of this beautiful statue. Please pre order and I can have it shipped out of my warehouse for you. this mystical figurine is cast in the highest quality resin before being carefully hand-painted. Resting in the centre of a pentagram, the globe of the earth acts as Baphomet’s seat. Sitting cross-legged on top of the world, Baphomet sits, symbolizing the sum total of the universe. Legs ending in cloven hooves, the staff of Asclepius rises from their crotch. Their right arm is raised in a magical blessing with the word SOLVE written on their forearm, while their left arm is stretched downwards and outwards invitingly, forearm bearing the word COACULA. Their triple-horned goat’s head stares directly forwards as their wings stretch out behind them. Worshiped by occultists from Jacques de Molay’s Templars to Alistair Crowley, Baphomet has long been a symbol of free-thinking heresy and forbidden knowledge. Shipping will be determined by your address and will be no more then 50$ thats the highest and I believe that this will be more around 30$ because of the weight and size of this item, an adult must be there to receive the package and sign for it. ( Anyone over 18)

Cerridwen Plaque

Price: 36.95 USD
Cerridwen Plaque Known as a goddess of rebirth and inspiration, Cerridwen appears in legend along with her cauldron of magical potions that offer wisdom. The Celtic Cerridwen Plaque depicts this Welsh sorceress holding her cauldron. Inside the pot, liquid roils and forms images. Cerridwen rests in a rectangular frame decorated with knotwork, suns, and tiny flowers. Her hair curls and loops wildly around her head in a halo. Crafted from hand-painted resin, this Celtic plaque, designed by Maxine Miller, shows off a muted gray color that gives it the look of a refined antique. Fans of Celtic and pagan lore are sure to enjoy the look of this magical piece of wall art. Size: 10" x 1 1/2" x 9 1/4" resin

Rhiannon Statue Base Classical Fluted Plinth

Price: 279.95 USD
Another choice for lifting your Rhiannon Statue up to show off This Doric-style fluted plinth base boasts classic lines and timeless appeal. At nearly 1½-feet tall, it is the perfect display height indoors for sculptures, vases, or your favorite greenery. Cast in quality designer resin in an antique stone finish, it s also ideal outdoors to elevate garden focal points in any season. 17"Wx17"Dx16"H. 31 lbs.

Rhiannon Statue Base or Lift

Price: 474.95 USD
Raise your sculpture to new heights where it can be admired, whether in your indoor gallery or outdoor garden. Our exclusive, two-foot-high plinth base, boasting the clean lines and traditional laurel wreath of the Neoclassical era, is cast in quality designer resin with a faux stone finish. 22"Wx22"Dx25"H. 31 lbs.

Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue

Price: 469.95 USD
Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue In a classic sculptural pose, our traditional work of European garden art depicts a beautiful archer drawing back to let her arrow fly. With amazingly detailed wings unfurled to reveal their beauty, this over four-foot-tall masterpiece lifts her delicate chin skyward. An -exclusive statement piece is impressively sculpted and finished in two-tone quality designer resin as an instant heirloom for any artistic home or garden gallery. 24½"Wx26½"Dx48½"H. 30 lbs. We also have bases for this statue if you want to lift her up and really show her off. ( bases are aksi listed)

Hecate Goddess Dark Goddess

Price: 59.95 USD
Approx Dims: 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 9 1/2" Hecate Goddess Material: Cold Cast Resin Description: Hand Painted

Horned God Cernunnos Plaque

Price: 59.95 USD
Horned God Cernunnos Hand Painted Resin Product Size: 13 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 13 1/2"

Moon Goddess Diana

Price: 91.95 USD
In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, which made her become associated with wild animals and woodland, and also the moon. In literature, she was the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis, though in cult beliefs she was Italic, and not Greek in origin. She was known to be the virgin goddess and looked after virgins and women. She was one of the three maiden goddesses, Artemis, Athena, and Hestia, who swore never to marry. She was also the emblem of chastity. Oak groves were especially sacred to her. This statue is made of cold cast bronze and hand finished to emphasize its details. Diana is here shown standing with a spear in one hand and the other resting on the back of a mighty deer. The Diana statue would make a great gift for anyone who loves Greek and Roman mythology. Key Features: Depicts the goddess Diana Diana stands with a spear and deer friend Intricately detailed and finished by hand Great gift for fans of mythology Beautiful addition to almost any home decor style Materials: Made of cold cast bronze Measurements: Height: 10.25 Inches

Brigid Altar Statue

Price: 46.95 USD
8" Brigid Brigid, Celtic Goddess, is one of the most loved and benevolent symbols world wide. Brighid, Brigit alternate spellings for this daughter of the Dagda. She heals the world and the self. Aids in poetry, smithcraft, and is Great Mother. Hand Painted Resin 3 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 8"

Greenman Plaque

Price: 109.95 USD
Approx Dims: 12.5" x 2.25" x 13" Material: Cold Cast Resin Description: Hand Painted

Crescent Crowned Moon Goddess

Price: 67.95 USD
Crescent Crowned Moon Goddess A classic design inspired by the works, practice and art of Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor. This bust shows a naked woman covered only in her hair, crowned with a Crescent Moon and wreathed at the waist with leaves, flowers and vines. She is supported on a beautifully carved column that bears the inscription "I Evoke the Dark Sacred Night" on the front and Raven and Stephanie's names on the back. Cold Cast Resin. 12 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 4 3/4"

Horned God

Price: 64.95 USD
This God roams the forests protecting and loving the Goddess and all her children. Horned God Statue, polyresin, bronze color, 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 12 1/2"

Goddess Hecate (bronze)

Price: 95.95 USD
Hecate both Goddess and Titan inspires and enthralls people around the world. When you are at the cross roads she can light your way. Statue is detailed highlighted with metal bronze finish heavier robust version. Hand Cold Cast Bronze 6" x 6" x 11 1/4"

Danu Celtic Goddess Altar Statue

Price: 59.95 USD
10" Danu Danu Celtic Goddess. She is shrouded in mystery but has great influence for all aspects of life including: wisdom, fertility, bounty, protection, and more. Hand Painted Resin 5" x 5" x 9"

Thor's Hammer wall hanging

Price: 45.95 USD
Thor's Hammer wall hanging A finely detailed Thor Hammer wall mount, detailed with turquoise blue base colors, entwined with a beautifully detailed gold armor. Thor's mighty hammer commanding the primal energy of the storm. Quality poly-resin giftware designed by Alchemy Studios, England. The Vault original and official. 8"x6" sizes may vary.

Morrigan Altat Statue

Price: 46.95 USD
Morrigan 8" "Great Queen" and Celtic Goddess, the Morrigan is powerful warrior. She has many attributes including: strength, success, bravery, protection, fertility, slain warriors, and more. Ravens, crows, and blackbirds are hers and even ties to the norse. Hand Painted Resin 4 1/4" x 3" x 7 1/2"

Maiden Mother Crone mirror

Price: 36.95 USD
12 1/2" Maiden Mother Crone mirror A beautifully detailed designed, Maiden, Mother and Crone mirror, entwined with branches and ivy, that wraps around a mirror.

Maiden, Mother, Crone wall mirror

Price: 96.95 USD
17" Maiden, Mother, Crone wall mirror A beautifully designed solid oval wall mirror of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, entwined within a detailed tree branch, that is wrapped with ivy, bordering the frame of the oval mirror, the fertility Mother has a pentacle chain, that hangs with a chain from her neck, garnishing the top of the mirror. Dims: 12 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 17 1/2" cold cast resin.

Cerridewen Celtic Goddess Statues

Price: 59.95 USD
Cerridwen is considered the Celtic goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration, specifically poetic inspiration. Exhibit this mystical enchantress in your home or office decor with this impressive Celtic Cerridwen Statue. Crafted from hand painted cold cast resin, this statue features a unique terracotta color. Cerridwen kneels over a potion in a cauldron, which legend states grants knowledge and inspiration if brewed for a year and a day. A pig, representing fertility, and a hen, which is one of the forms Cerridwen takes, are also depicted in the statue. Celtic symbols cover her headdress and robe, adding extra detail and symbolism. This Celtic Cerridwen Statue depicts one of the most well-known legends from Irish mythology Height: 8.5 Inches Width: 8.5 Inches Depth: 8 Inches

Brass Goddess Laxmi Statue

Price: 229.95 USD
Goddess Laxmi Sitting on Lotus Brass Statue - 8"H Laxmi, The Goddess of Fortune Made from Solid Brass Size: 8" high Handmade in India Size & Weight may vary A perfect piece for altar or use as a home decor.

Goddess Hecate Satue

Price: 67.95 USD
Goddess Hecate ( Bone color) Hecate both Goddess and Titan inspires and enthralls people around the world. When you are at the crossroads she can light your way. Statue is detailed highlighted bone-cream color. Hand Painted Resin 6" x 6" x 11 1/4"

Thor God Bust Statue

Price: 79.95 USD
Fully capturing this fierce aspect of, this cold cast resin bust presents the head and shoulders of Thor, with a single arm rising up to cross his chest, its hand gripping the fabled hammer Mjolnir. Thor bust 14"

Lucifer Arch Angel

Price: 109.95 USD
Cold Cast Bronze Lucifer 8 3/4" x 5" x 9 3/4"

Aphrodite 13 1/4"

Price: 76.95 USD
As the Greek goddess of love, desire, and beauty, Aphrodite herself was often seen as the most beautiful and desirable woman in existence. Here, the Aphrodite Statue captures the idea that among the goddesses, none were as beautiful as Aphrodite. In this statue, Aphrodite appears to be doing little more than standing and stretching. One arm is casually arched over her head while her other hand runs through her hair as her head tilts slightly. A loose-fitting cloth is tied around her figure to act as an unrestrictive robe of sorts. Cold cast resin. 13 1/4" x 4" x 4"

Apollo 10 1/2"

Price: 77.95 USD
Sculpted so as to appear to be bronze, this statue depicts Apollo, riding the back of a swan into the north wind at the coming of winter. 10 1/2" tall and 6 1/2" wide.