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Cloaks, Robes, Dresses for Medieval Faires, Handfasting, Ritual work

Renaissance and Medieval style clothing

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Cloaks, Robes, Dresses for Medieval Faires, Handfasting, Ritual work

Moon Goddess Black Cape

Price: 56.95 USD
This black cape has been trimmed with crescent moons, pentacles, and Nile moon goddess along the bottom back with the pattern going down the front trim. Drawstring hood and slits for arms. 100% Rayon 6 1/2 feet tall including the hood.

Druid Woodsman's Cloak

Price: 125.00 USD
Woodsman's Cloak "A hardy cloak for Druid, Wiccan Leaders Hand-fasting Ritual clothing Forest camouflage colors Textured, washable cloak for hardy activities, Hooded and open front with tie closure. Length 54 inches

Druid Robe Sizes up to 3XL & over 6 Ft tall

Price: 145.00 USD
BLACK Druid Robe sizes up to a 3XL Closed front style robe with front ties Classic pullover ceremonial robe (closed front) with fabulous hood in lifetime-tough 100% cotton twill Two Unisex Sizes LONG SIZE is Generously cut to fit taller and larger men and women up to men's 3X, 6' 3" tall SHORTER LENGTH ROBE (52-54") Fits Women Sizes M-XL Men up to Size L (up to 5'8" tall)

Wizard Robe

Price: 135.00 USD
Wizard Robe Open front Hooded, front and back gathered yoke. Fits most people very well. Classic ceremonial garb in basic black cotton with peaked hood (Unisex - fits S-XL women and S-L men). 54", Hand Wash.