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The Spirits I See - The Discoery of a Medium


Witches of Salem - The Inheritance


Autograph Copy Witches Of Salem - The Inheritance

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Autograph copy Witches of Salem - The Inheritance by Author Cindy Kueczynski

Autograph The Spirits I See - The Discover of a Me

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This is a short book that tells a littl The Spirits I See - The Discovery of a Medium. Autograph Copy How many times have you thought you saw something out the corner of your eye, but when you turned to get a better look there was nothing there? Maybe you are living with a child that is starting to experience Spirits and you are not sure what to expect. Join in my journey of discovery and take a down-to-earth look at obstacles that we must face when we have no guidance. My story is written as if we are having a conversation. It's written simply for younger people and adults too. Maybe you will gain some insight to better help yourself or deal with watching someone else go through it. This book was 1st published in 2005. BEFORE Ghost the series and many other shows hit the circuit.