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Eight Coins Tattoo tarot by Lana Zellner

Price: 29.95 USD
This vividly illustrated deck follows the artistic development of tattoo artist and designer Lana Zellner. The 82-card deck includes all of her original tarot art plus four new cards painted specially for this edition. The cards feature art forms and iconic imagery from both tattoo and tarot traditions, all hand drawn and painted using the watercolor painting style of split shading. The 188-page book presents full-color, enlarged illustrations for each Eight Coins card, along with Lana s descriptions and unique tarot insights

Henna Tattoo Kit

Price: 6.95 USD
Coming with all that you need to create your own henna designs, this small henna kit is the perfect way to turn your body into a work of art in celebration or ritual craft.

Greenman Plaque

Price: 109.95 USD
Approx Dims: 12.5" x 2.25" x 13" Material: Cold Cast Resin Description: Hand Painted

Egyptian Goddess Bastet Mirror

Price: 179.95 USD
Goddess Bast Wall mirror Approx Dims: 16.25" x 2.75" x 19.5" Material: Cold Cast Resin Description: Hand Painted

Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue

Price: 469.95 USD
Rhiannon the Archer Garden Fairy Statue In a classic sculptural pose, our traditional work of European garden art depicts a beautiful archer drawing back to let her arrow fly. With amazingly detailed wings unfurled to reveal their beauty, this over four-foot-tall masterpiece lifts her delicate chin skyward. An -exclusive statement piece is impressively sculpted and finished in two-tone quality designer resin as an instant heirloom for any artistic home or garden gallery. 24½"Wx26½"Dx48½"H. 30 lbs. We also have bases for this statue if you want to lift her up and really show her off. ( bases are aksi listed)

Rhiannon Statue Base Classical Fluted Plinth

Price: 279.95 USD
Another choice for lifting your Rhiannon Statue up to show off This Doric-style fluted plinth base boasts classic lines and timeless appeal. At nearly 1½-feet tall, it is the perfect display height indoors for sculptures, vases, or your favorite greenery. Cast in quality designer resin in an antique stone finish, it s also ideal outdoors to elevate garden focal points in any season. 17"Wx17"Dx16"H. 31 lbs.

Rhiannon Statue Base or Lift

Price: 474.95 USD
Raise your sculpture to new heights where it can be admired, whether in your indoor gallery or outdoor garden. Our exclusive, two-foot-high plinth base, boasting the clean lines and traditional laurel wreath of the Neoclassical era, is cast in quality designer resin with a faux stone finish. 22"Wx22"Dx25"H. 31 lbs.

Your Throne Awaits Dragon Throne Chair

Price: 1595.00 USD
I for one would love to invite friends and family over as I sit ON MY Throne to watch T.V Noted dragon artist Chang is revered for the intricacies of his art. In this detailed work of furniture art, he translates his dedication into an 87-pound throne that’s a signature piece nothing short of amazing! This exclusive took Chang weeks to create; sculpting scowling dragons’ heads on the arms, front and back, showcasing a wide-seat rising above massive 3-toed claw legs. Finally, it was cast in designer resin and hand painted it to make it easily the most commanding presence in any home. A masterwork sure to impress! 31½"Wx26"Dx50½"H. 87 lbs Floor to top of seat measures 18½" Seat size is 20½"Wx17"D Sword pictured is not available Backrest: 27½"H Arm to Arm: 21½"W

Egyptian God Eye of Horus Wall Sculpture

Price: 54.95 USD
Egyptian Eye of Horus Wall Sculpture We consider all offers to allow us to compete with larger chain shops Hang this popular amulet for protection and good luck! Symbolizing the power of the god of light, our Eye of Horus is intricately carved, then cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in full color. Flanked by the goddesses Nekhbet and Wadjet, t A great housewarming gift! to protect and bring good luck to your sacred space no extra charges for shipping 12"Wx1½"Dx8½"H. 2 lbs.

Egyptian Offering Shelf -read about our offer prog

Price: 109.95 USD
The protective symbol of the sun disk once adorned every temple in ancient Egypt! At almost two feet long, cast in designer resin and hand-painted in the rich colors of Egypt. 22¼"Wx4½"Dx4½"H. 6 lbs. there are no other fees for shipping and handling