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A collection of magical pieces from some wonderful companies and a Gallary of Jewelry designed and created by Author Cindy Kueczynski - Branded as Cindy's Eye of the Moon

Black Thorn Necklace

Price: 15.00 USD
The dark rose of secrets, offered in code as a confidence or a tribute, and understood by you alone. Approximate Dimensions: H: 17mm (0.67") W: 46mm (1.81") D: 10mm (0.39") Chain Length: 18" Materials: Fine English Pewter with Swarovksi Crystals

Countess Kamila Necklace

Price: 70.00 USD
A unique gift of love from the Earl of Ravenspurgh to his ravishingly beautiful, though strangely disturbed wife, to whom he was unquestioningly and passionately devoted. From the 'Rose Arcana' cover art, a large Swarovski crystal heart in light amethyst surrounded by a Baroque pewter frame, on trace chain with pewter rose links and crystal droppers suspended from finer trace chain; 18 ½" (47cm overall plus a 1 ½" extender chain.

Planchette pendant

Price: 51.95 USD
Technology from the 19th century seance; a spiritualist's device for communicating with the dead through the 'talking board', and discovering mysteries on the other side... ICU! A pewter pendant shaped as a seance planchette, or ouija pointer, engraved with mystical symbols, plus the alphabet on the reverse, and with a realistic acrylic eye set into the recess. Suspended from a pewter bale on a black, 21" curb chain plus a 1 ½" extender chain. 2" x 1 1/4".

Celtic Triple Moon Wind Chime

Price: 33.95 USD
Beautiful wind chime with a sweet sound. Very eye-catching with the clear glass ball in the middle of the spiral. You will be happy enjoying this blowing in the wind.

A Wolves Cry Necklace by Eye of the Moon

Price: 14.95 USD
Wolves know how to survive Wolves know the magic of the moon Wolves know the true Natives of their lands Wolves know strength Wolves know loyalty Wolves will destroy those who are uninvited onto their lands Call on the strengths when you need Stainless steel, alloy, enamel My chains are always changing 16" to 22"

Hippie Flower & Beads Peace Necklace

Price: 13.95 USD
Hippie Flower and Stones Peace Necklace 23"

Ravenine Pendant

Price: 29.95 USD
Raven Necklace The raven, a symbol of protection, information and dark secrets from early times in history, from Noah's Ark to Celtic and Norse mythology. See complementary Earrings (E333) & Ring (R197) Approximate Dimensions: Width 0.87" x Height 1.26" x Depth 0.13" Approx. Chain Length: 18" Materials: Fine English Pewter with Blackening

Triple Moon Necklace

Price: 16.95 USD
Triple Moon Pentagram / Pentacle Necklace With a smaller Pentacle /Pentagram on crescent Moon 3.5" charm hangs on chain Stainless steel This is my original design

Fairy Door Necklace

Price: 15.95 USD
20" Chain Stainless Steel 1.5" long

Voodoo Doll Pendant

Price: 49.95 USD
Of ancient European origin, the traditional Folk Magic way to destroy a witch’s power; and with the aid of a grimoire, inflict precision injury upon those against them… Approximate Dimensions: Height: 137mm (5.39") Width: 37mm (1.46") Depth: 7mm (0.28") Chain Length: 21" Materials: Fine English Pewter, Black Cord Noose

Tarot Cards Floating Charm Necklace

Price: 18.95 USD
Tarot Cards Floating Charm Necklace Original Designer Cindy's Eye of the Moon. ( Brand pending :) Tarot, It's not just for Gypsy's anymore. Many practice and make it a priority to learn this amazing skill. Just because you were born a Gypsy, a Witch or Celtic will not make the gift an inherent talent. So that means not every Wiccan, Witch or Gypsy will be able to masterfully read the Tarot. Many UNIQUE & Special people have this amazing gift. Not everyone can understand & translate the messages within the cards. If there is someone in your life who shares their gift with others Recognize that person and gift them My Tarot Floating Charm Necklace. This is MY ORIGINAL design. With charms that were created just for my design. Those that are gifted at reading the Tarot would love this piece. A set of 6 Tarot Cards from the Tarot Deck The Lovers The Full The Sun Tarot Plate Devil Death Chains are approx 28" Black Magnetic Glass Locket Comes in gift pouch

Pentagram Pendant

Price: 32.95 USD
The quintessential forces of man, expressed in the magical powers of the continuous-line, five pointed star and representing the four earthly elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air plus the heavenly pointing Aether, or Spirit. The 16th-century occult philosopher, Cornelious Agrippa, suggested a divine golden ratio connection, symbolizing the outstretched human figure by the pentacle. A classic symbol of protection. Simple small, polished pewter, interwoven pentagram pendant. Approximate Dimensions: Width 0.79" x Height 0.87" x Depth 0.08" Chain Length: 18" Materials: Fine English Pewter

Wolf and Moon Pendant

Price: 10.95 USD
Stainless Steel 1 3/4" Pendant comes with NO CHAIN Storage pouch included

Water Element Pentagram Necklace

Price: 16.95 USD
Water Element Pentagram Necklace Wiccan Celtic Designs around Pentacle Charm Plush Blue Storage Pouch included 1" charm

Black Wiccan Floating Charm Necklace

Price: 24.95 USD
An assortment of Wiccan related little floating charms that display nicely into the BLACK glass magnetic locket.  All charms and chain are included  Pentagram, Pentacle star Triquetra, Palmistry hand, Mortar and Pestle, Tarot card witch on broom, wand,  book of shadows, candle, crescent moon and Black cat 23" chain  Comes in black storage pouch

Goddess Necklace & Earring Gift Set

Price: 16.95 USD
Goddess Earrings & Necklace Set Stainless steel

Dragon Heart Necklace

Price: 64.95 USD
An accursed black dragon, with the heart of a diamond; a metaphor for a dangerous relationship, or else a powerful ally? An elegant and sparkling representation of a magickal creature. A black pewter dragon 'affronty', (wings down in front), crystallized with large, clear central Swarovski heart and studded wing-edges, complete on 21" (53cm) long black curb chain. Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.5" x Height 2.91" x Depth 0.43" Chain Length: 21" Materials: Fine English Pewter with Swarovski Crystals

Salem Witch City Necklace

Price: 12.95 USD
Salem Witch City Necklace The Witches Cat hangs under the Witch City Charm Comes with chain and storage pouch. Stainless steel

Draconkreuz Pendant

Price: 59.95 USD
Symbol of the obscure, Medieval, mystic order and holders of arcane and ancient magical powers. A dramatic jeweled piece that's a real head turner. A pewter cross pendant enveloped by a dragon and set with four red Swarovski crystals. Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.22" x Height 2.52" x Depth 0.55" Chain Length: 21" Materials: Two-Tone Pewter Fine English Pewter with Red Swarovski Crystals

Wiccan Floating Charm Necklace

Price: 18.95 USD
Black Wiccan Floating Charm Necklace Witch on 18" Black stainless steel chain. An assortment of charms that symbolize some items that one may use in the craft. Mortar & Pestle Triquetra Tarot Card Witch Gold set of chalices Star Moon Witch Red candle Light brown Book of Shadows Palmistry hand Black Cat Comes in it's own little black storage pouch.

Crystal Moon & Star Necklace by Eye of the Moon

Price: 13.95 USD
Crystal Moon & Star Necklace by Eye of the Moon 16" Silver chain with storage pouch Stainless Steel, alloy, rhinestones

Wolf and Crescent Moon Necklace

Price: 9.95 USD
Howling Wolf under the crescent Moon. 16" silver chain Tibetan silver, stainless steel

Luna Necklace - Moon Phase

Price: 59.95 USD
A delicate semi-circlet of thrice, three moons, in dark and light reflecting the cyclical nature of Wiccan principle and the powers of the sacred Triple Goddess. Modern Alchemy to suit any magical attire! A necklace made of three interlinked, pewter cut-out triple moons, the center one polished pewter set with a black cabochon with a fine pentagram engraving, and the outer two black pewter set with mother of pearl cabochons. Approximate Dimensions: H: 23mm (0.91") W: 113mm (4.45") D: 7mm (0.28") Chain: 18" + 1" extender Materials: Fine English Pewter, Black Cabochon, Mother of Pearl Cabochons

Black Rose Choker

Price: 59.95 USD
Black Rose Choker A grave but beautiful garland of arcane mystique; five sinister, sable blooms standing for the elements of nature, including the fundamental focal point of the spirit. Your little black dress is screaming out for this necklace! A single-piece cast pewter crescent of rose stems and leaves set with five resin, black rose flower heads. Approximate Dimensions: H: 49mm (1.93") W: 101mm (3.98") D: 12mm (0.47") Chain: 16" + 1" extender Materials: Fine English Pewter, Black Resin

Black Star Pendant

Price: 39.95 USD
Black Star Pendant Supernatural forces leech from the Stygian pentacle, empowering the wearer to initiate and control, even beyond life. Approximate Dimensions: Height: 44mm (1.73") Width: 41mm (1.61") Depth: 4mm (0.16") Chain Length 21" Materials: Fine English Pewter, Black Enamel

Planchette Pendant

Price: 49.95 USD
Technology from the 19th century séance; a spiritualist’s device for communicating with the dead through the ‘talking board’, and discovering mysteries on the other side… ICU! Approximate Dimensions: Height: 64mm (2.52") Width: 32mm (1.26") Depth: 10mm (0.39") Chain Length: 21” Chain Black Materials: Fine English Pewter, Realistic Taxidermal Eye

Cat and the Moon Necklace

Price: 52.95 USD
Minnaloushe creeps and stares, lifting his changing eyes to the changing moon; conjured by the poem by William Butler Yeats', The Cat and the Moon. In 1890, the young Irish poet, mystic and occultist, Butler Yeats joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. A uniquely stunning piece to compliment your look! A chain 'V' necklace, with, suspended to one side a highly polished pewter moon studded with five clear Swarovski crystals, and from the other side, 'walking the tight rope' to the moon is a black pewter cat with its tail looped about the upper chain. Approximate Dimensions: H: 58mm (2.28") W: 68mm (2.68") D: 7mm (0.28") Chain: 15" + 1" extender Materials: Fine English Pewter, Clear Swarovski Crystals

Dream Catcher Pagan Necklace

Price: 60.95 USD
This traditional style dream snare has a pentagram woven into its fine web and supports a sacred crescent moon, deflecting evil influences, misfortune and physical harm, averting the evil eye from wanton malefactors. Compliment any outfit and Catch your dreams or nightmares with this stunning pendant. A 45mm diameter pewter ring, framing a etched stainless steel crescent moon and pentagram 'cobweb'. From below it hang three pewter feathers, one set with a white Swarovski crystal, and a small crescent moon. Approximate Dimensions: H: 110mm (4.33") W: 44mm (1.73") D: 5mm (0.20") Chain: 33" + 1" extender Materials: Fine English Pewter, White Swarovski Crystal

Athame Pendant

Price: 29.95 USD
The name of the black-handled, double-edged ceremonial dagger of Wicca, one of the four elemental tools used in magic ritual, and complementary to the white-handled 'boline'. Take Wiccan magic with you on any journey! A miniature ceremonial Wiccan magical dagger, made in two-tone pewter with a bronzed hilt and crescent moons, with the central full moon set with an iridescent blue Swarovski crystal. Approximate Dimensions: H: 54mm (2.13") W: 23mm (0.91") D: 10mm (0.39") Chain: 21" Materials: Fine English Pewter, Irridescent Blue Swarovski Crystal

Silver Triquetra Necklace Charmes

Price: 14.95 USD
Silver Triquetra Necklace Charmed Celtic 16" chain The Celtic Knot Charm itself is approx 3/4" Comes in small pouch

Black Rose Moon Goddess Necklace

Price: 54.95 USD
Black Rose Moon Goddess Necklace An alternative allegory for the Triple Moon Goddess, seen from a romantically oblique perspective, with a black rose 'moon' and tangential, crystal studded crescents to celebrate the mysticism of Wicca. Dazzle with this distinctive design! Two highly polished pewter adjacent crescent moons, (waxing and waning), set with Swarovski crystals, one above the other and separated by a blooming black rose, in resin. Approximate Dimensions: H: 65mm (2.56") W: 29mm (1.14") D: 14mm (0.55") Chain: 18" + 1" extender Materials: Fine English Pewter, Resin Black Rose, Swarovski Crystals

Triple Moon Necklace Goddess Necklace by Eye of th

Price: 10.95 USD
Triple Moon Necklace Goddess Necklace Stainless steel on cord comes in storage pouch

Feline Necklace Black Cat Necklace

Price: 55.95 USD
Feline Felicity Necklace Silent, stealthy and omnipresent, your ailuros companion confidently reflects upon your destiny. An ostentatious pewter pendant of a mirror in an ornate oval frame, with a black pewter cat sat looking onto the mirror. Approximate Dimensions: H: 58mm (2.28") W: 36mm (1.42") D: 8mm (0.31") Weight: 24g (0.85oz) Chain: On a 19" (53cm) curb chain plus a 1 ½" extender chain. Materials: Pewter, Resin, Mirror

Thor Dagger Necklace

Price: 49.95 USD
Thor Dagger Necklace A secretly powerful, rune-bearing Pagan hammer concealing a protective blade. Engraved upon it are the runes Thurisaz, for force and resistance and Algiz for protection and courage, while the scabbard bears those of Wunjo for contentment, friendship and prosperity, Pertho for fate and mystery, and Nauthiz for strength and love. Thor is your companion when wearing this unique two piece creation. A small pewter dagger disguised as a classic Hammer of Thor pendant, highly decorated with carved Celtic knotwork and runes upon its surface. The knop, (attached to a safety chain), can be withdrawn to reveal the small blade which is engraved with strength and defence runes. Approximate Dimensions: H: 45mm (1.77") W: 27mm (1.06") D: 9mm (0.35") Weight: 31g (1.09oz) Chain: On a 21" (53cm) trace chain. Materials: Pewter

Sacred Cat Vanity Pendant

Price: 42.95 USD
Sacred Cat Vanity Pendant The face of the imperious feline deity preening itself to perfection, from either side projecting its aura of confident supremacy. One side is a mirror, while the other is the face of the Sacred Cat. Check you feline beauty with this perfectly proportioned mirror necklace. A miniature, highly ornamental pewter hand mirror pendant, 3' (75mm) long, in the form of the stylized face of a cat. Approximate Dimensions: H: 78mm (3.07") W: 35mm (1.38") D: 8mm (0.31") Weight: 44g (1.55oz) Chain: On a 21" (53cm) trace chain. Materials: Pewter, Mirror

Love Cat Necklace

Price: 33.95 USD
Love Cat Necklace Feline love is only bestowed upon the most mysteriously exceptional individual. Show your devotion to these creatures of the night. A pewter heart-shaped pendant with cat's ears and the sculpted face of a cat part-concealed beneath a smoky grey transparent enamel. Approximate Dimensions: H: 35mm (1.38") W: 32mm (1.26") D: 4mm (0.16") Weight: 25g (0.88oz) Chain: On a 21" (53cm) trace chain. Materials: Pewter, Enamel

Poe's Raven Locket Necklace

Price: 83.95 USD
Poe's Raven Locket Necklace First edition book cover of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven, overarched by its black namesake and inscribed within, Nevermore... A pewter pendant locket simulating the original 'Poe's Raven' book cover, with decorative framing and a spreadeagled black pewter raven above. The hinged book opens to reveal engraved extracts from the poem and its frame takes a 22mm x 30mm photo; closes with a magnetic catch. Approximate Dimensions: H: 60mm (2.36") W: 44mm (1.73") D: 10mm (0.39") Weight: 54g (1.90oz) Chain: On a 21" (53cm) curb chain plus a 1 ½" extender chain. Materials: Pewter

Dragon Consort Necklace GOTHIC NECKLACE !

Price: 88.95 USD
Dragon Consort Necklace Big - BEAUTIFUL !! The duet of gracefully elegant mythical creatures formed in ancient times of the elements, ostentatiously display their lace-like wings en dansant. Add drama to any outfit with this dragon inspired statement necklace! A large, articulated necklace in the form of two symmetrically opposed wyrm-dragons, each with separately attached wings in bold tracery style. Approximate Dimensions: H: 97mm (3.82") W: 138mm (5.43") D: 6mm (0.24") Weight: 71g (2.50oz) Chain: On a split trace chain 17" (43cm) overall plus a 1 ½" extender chain. Materials: Pewter

Lunaris Ankh Pendant

Price: 35.95 USD
Lunaris Ankh Pendant The ancient bronzed ankh, amulet of eternal life, with its horizon formed by a mystical, silvery crescent moon, turning the symbol into a powerful device for the female deity. An incredibly striking design which will get people talking! A bronzed pewter gothic ankh pendant, with its horizon bar made in the form of a polished pewter silver crescent moon. Approximate Dimensions: H: 67mm (2.64") W: 25mm (0.98") D: 12mm (0.47") Weight: 18g (0.63oz) Chain: On an adjustable 26" (66cm) black waxed cord, with black pewter slide fastener. Materials: Pewter, Bronzed Pewter