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Smoky Quartz Rune Set

Price: 32.95 USD
Smoky Quartz Rune Set This rune set features the 24 traditional runes of the Elder Futhark and one blank stone carved from Smoky Quartz for use within your divination and magic. Many wonderful healing properties in this Smoky Quartz, including, cleansing, detoxifying, calming, and helps with fear and depression. Stones can vary in size from 1/2' - 1"

White Resin Rune Set

Price: 9.95 USD
White Resin rune set This rune set offers you 25 white resin stones. A set of runes containing the entire Elder Futhark and on blank rune stone. Stones can vary in size from 1/2' - 1". Rune set comes complete in velveteen bag.

Black Onyx rune set

Price: 20.95 USD
Black Onyx rune set The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and one blank rune carved into Black Onyx for use in your divination practices. Stones can vary in size from 1/2' - 1"

Runes poster

Price: 1.95 USD
Runes poster The Runes Poster with depictions of runes and Trees. Including Freyr's Aett, Hagal's Aett, and Tyr's Aett. Quote from poster. "Predating the first century CE, Runes are the sacred symbols of the Teutonic people and were used by the Village shamans for divination and magick. . . " 8 1/2" x 11".

Rose Quartz rune set

Price: 22.95 USD
Rose Quartz rune set If you are seeking a divination tool from the heart than this rune set is the one. The amazing powers of rose quartz opens our heart chakra to unconditional love and positive energy. Combine this with the ancient practice of Runes and you might just get that answer you seek. Each pretty piece is under "1 and engraved with a gold toned runic alphabet letter.

Black Tourmaline Rune Set

Price: 39.95 USD
Black Tourmaline rune set Hand carved, this 25 rune set portrays the Elder Futhark on Black Tourmaline in gold lettering, resulting in an exquisite aid for your divination and other such ritual magic. Stones can vary in size from 1/2' - 1"

Sodalite Rune Set

Price: 32.95 USD
Sodalite rune set 25 blue tumbled sodalite stones, engraved and gilded with the symbols of the Futhark rune set. Sodalite is known for quieting the inner critic and bringing harmony and balance between the body and the mind, as well as for bringing a sense of patience to situations where you might be tempted to rush in. Sodalite can be a great asset in your search for the meaning behind all things, bringing objective peace to otherwise subjective situations.