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Crystal Balls & Divination

Crystal Balls & Divination

Palm Reading, Scrying mirrors, Pendulums


Dating back to the 1st century, gazing balls have been used as a fortune telling piece throughout the world. Here you will find a nice variety along with the stands to set them on.


50mm Alexandrite gazing ball

Price: 14.95 USD
With a purple hue, this gazing ball can offer aid within specific spell work or simply provide you with a unique tool of divination. Stand not included. 2” made with 10% crystal quartz.

Maiden, Mother Crone with Clear gazing ball 100mm

Price: 66.95 USD
100mm gazing ball, with a detailed solid base resin bottom, with intricate detail embodying the maiden, Mother, and Crone entwined within a tree like base wrapped within an ivy vine. Dims: 4 7/8" x 4 7/8" x 9", cold cast resin. Made with 10% quartz crystal.

Gypsy Crystal Ball 150mm

Price: 94.95 USD
150mm Clear gazing ball HEAVY - NOT a CHEAP TOY ! Well recognized as a powerful tool for divination, this clear gazing ball can be used for everything from séances with spirits of the dead to divination. 6” made with 10% crystal quartz.

Witches Apprentice Throw Black Cat Lisa Parker

Price: 51.95 USD
Witches Apprentice Throw From the untamed imagination of magical artist Lisa Parker, this enchanting and luxurious throw is exclusively available through Nemesis Now. In front of a Gothic arched window, with the moon shining in, a black cat stands on their hind legs. Surrounded by potion bottles, their front paws hover over a glowing crystal orb. Their orange eyes look curiously at the sparks of magic floating up in front of them as they weave enchantments. Not only is this throw laced with witchcraft it is also magically soft, making it perfect for any chair or sofa. From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker. Featuring her Witches Apprentice artwork. Soft to the touch. Polyester. 50" x 60" approx size queen size approx