Cindys Eye of the Moon

"Fly in for a Spell"

Personalized Mugs, T shirts & Totes

Black Pentagram Dream catcher

Price: 12.95 USD
Black Pentagram Dream catcher Wiccan Witch Pagan Pentacle or Star design Picture shows the actual measurements.

I Fill My Cup With A Little Pot

Price: 9.95 USD
AI Fill My Cup W A Little Pot Coffee Mug Eye of the Moon ORIGINAL design. 12 ounce Hand wash to keep it glossy forever. I am always thinking up funny sayings. This one reminds me of my older brother Freddie and all his friends growing up in N.A.S. Lemoore Calif. Great gift for the Cool person in your life

Charmed Coffer Mug Triquetra

Price: 9.95 USD
12 ounce Mug Hand Wash Pictures show front and back. You can choose one design and have me put your name on the other side. Or buy it just like it is. Purchase and email me with how you would like it made.

Pentagram Mug Pentacle Coffee Cup Personalized

Price: 9.95 USD
Pentagram Mug Pentacle Coffee Cup. Ceramic Black Mug with White design on one side. I can add your name to other side for no extra charge I can personalize other side. Hand wash to keep your design 12 ounce mug I personalize

Real witches dont melt Coffee Cup Mug

Price: 13.95 USD
Real Witches don't melt Ceramic Coffee Mug Eye of the Moon Wiccan coffee Mug Original

Pagan Mug Coffee Cup Pentacle

Price: 13.95 USD
Pagan Mug Coffee Cup Pentacle Pentagram Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Witch Mugs Set of 2

Price: 24.95 USD
Set of 2 fun Witch Mugs for Coffee or Tea, Whiskey or Witches Brew. Great addition to your desk as a pen holder

LARGE 143.77 # Amethyst cathedral

Price: 2540.00 USD
143.77 # Amethyst cathedral Look into the inside of natures beautiful, fascinating, natural formations, with a gorgeous Amethyst crystals quartz cathedral. A stunning display of high quality Amethyst crystal quartz, each unique in their own shape, colors size and formation. Bound to hold anyone's attention in awe!! Grade 7. Base girth - 3' 9"; Depth mid section - 12.75"; Height - 2' 2.5" SHIPPING WEIGHT IS OVER 150 LBS. SHIPPING WILL BE CALCULATED AFTER YOUR ORDER AND I will work with you to find the best, safest and most affordable way to ship. Then you can pay shipping through paypal

Willow Besom Witches Broom

Price: 89.95 USD
WILLOW BESOM. All from my own Willow. Branches are all used along with the willows as GIFTED from this tree. In the early years, Besom was not made with bristles from a walmart purchased cheap broom. They were made from materials at hand. Branches were a common material for the bristles. I usually get one Besom a year from my tree. Mine lays across my curtain rods or I made leather straps to hang it over the fireplace. Stand it in the corner and bring it out to gently sweep the negativity from your space. I have 2 gemstones on this one so far. As I find a piece that belongs on its handle I add it. It could be a stone, a feather or a spell bag. It takes me ONE YEAR to make ONE BESOM. No two are alike and each one is crafted with positive energies from the EARTH. I will be listing the leather straps as I create them. I use 3. I decorate with feathers, beads, charms that I am o.k with man made items for the straps only. My besom's are UNIQUE, crafted with no mass production rush.

Yes Or No Token Coin Fortune Telle

Price: 14.95 USD
Yes Or No Token Coin Fortune Teller No cash value. This is a Collector token / coin. One of approx 5 I have listed. One side has YES and the other NO. Great center piece for a creative mind to come up with a game to play with friends on your next gathering. About 1 1/2". Not made if precious metal Not a coin with cash value Collector piece.

Pentagram Rune Amulet Coin # 2

Price: 14.95 USD
Pentagram Rune Amulet Coin # 2 in Cindy's Eye of the Moon Special Promotional offerings and collector series approx 5 different coins Not real currency but looks like it. Great for protection and a little luck. Makes a unique gift that would make a magical friend smile

Sexy Witch Coin #1

Price: 14.95 USD
SEXY WITCH Coin. Looks and feels real. Great UN8QUE ITEM #1 in Cindy's Eye of the Moon Special Promotional offerings and collector series approx 5 different coins