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"The Spirits I See" ( My book was published and copyrighted) BEFORE Ghost Whisperer in 2005

"Spirits of Salem"

"Witches of Salem" ( book was published before the series came out in 2019)

1st in series " The Inheritance"

2nd in series " The Veil" coming 2020

Witches of Salem - The Inheritance

Price: 12.95 USD
“Witches of Salem” is a new fictional series that has been revised from “Spirits of Salem” This is the first book in the new series "Witches of Salem." Sydney and Amanda Towne are confronted with modern day prosecution as they come face to face with the horrifying feeling of being targeted. The girls learn quickly with the help of some very unique friends. Sydney and Amanda find themselves in a whirl wind of a witchcraft, murder, spirits and love. Their historical family lineage that they inherited it's truth is more then they could have ever imagined but they are pulled in and the more they learn, the more their third eyes become open A fictional story that I tried to allow the true uses of Wiccan / Pagan practices as much as possible. The Spirits are not fiction, their name and details are changed to protect those related. You may find yourself pulled into the story and connected to one of the group. The 2nd book will have Sexual Content, Murder, Witchcraft and so much more. It will be Hot

Witches of Salem - The Veil COMING winter 2020 PRE

Price: 16.95 USD
Witches of Salem - The Veil The story continues on. The book pulls from true-life events. The spirits and other parts of the story are all from true experiences that were fitted into the fictional story. The behavior of some characters took shape from my own true-life experiences from my years of being a Pagan business owner. The Spells are my own original work and I can not promise you will have the results the story tells. I can tell you that one of the spells in the book, I just used last night. I tried to keep as much of the magical content truthful from my experiences being within the Wiccan community. The story is fictional so there has to be a bend on some things to make it so good. The 2nd book has adult relationships - Yes, Sex - Not how I like to write and that's what took me so long to release this 2nd book. Violence, Ignorance, and Sex makes this the best book in the series.

The Spirits I See - The Discovery of a Medium

Price: 6.95 USD
Did you know that " The Spirits I See - The Discovery of a Medium was Published Sept 2005. The same month & year the Ghost Whisperer First appeared on T.V ?, yeah me neither. Who cares, right!?" Melinda's & Cindy BOTH experience Spirits in the same way. But deal with them differently. ( Melinda is a ROCK STAR AT IT ) How many times have you thought you saw something out the corner of your eye, but when you turned to get a better look there was nothing there? Maybe my Journey can help someone. My True Story ! The first Printings Sept 2005, "The Spirits I See - The discovery of a Medium" and 2006 Witches of Salem, both are out of print. I sign your copy and send out the next day. check out all my books on Amazon come back to get your signed copies, sold here follow my Author Page on Amazon

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FREE The Spirits I See : The Discovery of a Medium

Price: 0.01 USD
FREE KINDLE version at Amazon only - FOLLOW the link below or go to amazon ( in any country) and search for Cindy Kueczynski they don't allow my books to come up by just the name Witches of Salem or The Spirits I See autograph copies are sold,, Etsy and Mercari