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Cindys Eye of the Moon also known as Eye of the Moon is a Metaphysical Shop owned by Author Cindy Kueczynski.  Since 1998

Sold & Shipped by YOUR United Pagan Supplier (U.P.S ) 

Providing you with items I am familiar with.  I know the quality and the uses of these items.  If I haven't used it or own a similiar item then I would have held it in my hands, at one time I may have stocked it on the shelf.   Hopefully,  I can package it up and send it to you.

I am familiar with the path because I have walked far and learned much along my own Spiritual Journey.  When you purchase from a New Age Metaphysical Shop like Cindy's Eye of the Moon,  you are supporting your people, your sisters or brothers.  This is your magical community.  I am more conscious now and I try to do my part to pay it forward in the same way.

So dust off the broomsticks and lace up your boots and "Fly in for a Spell" at Cindy's Eye of the Moon

Author of:

Witches of Salem - The Inheritance

The Spirits I See - The Discovery of a Medium


 Spirits of Salem

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I create Wiccan & Pagan Jewelry and sell many other items for the magical community 

Cindys "Eye of the Moon"

also owner of 

Eye of the Moon

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